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Submission date: 11-10-2019

Mid-mantle reflectors as measured from precursors to SS

Lauren Waszek (1), Nicholas Schmerr (2), Maxim Ballmer (3),
  • (1) New Mexico State University and Australian National University
  • (2) University of Maryland
  • (3) ETH Zurich and University College London

Brief Description: Global measurements of mid-mantle reflectors from stacked SS seismic waveforms, containing relative travel times of SS precursors, depth in PREM, and precursor/SS amplitude ratio.

Corresponding Author:

Lauren Waszek

Related Publications:

Waszek, Schmerr, Ballmer (2018). Global observations of reflectors in the mid-mantle with implications for mantle structure and dynamics. Nature Communications 9:385

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Waszek, L., Schmerr, N., Ballmer, M. (2018). Mid-mantle reflectors as measured from precursors to SS, ISC Seismological Dataset Repository,