Data Availability from the ISC

R J Willemann

In addition to the printed Bulletin and CDs, the ISC has made its data available from its web site since 1998. We have introduced new tools so that queries are no longer restricted to events in a single calendar month. We are expanding our query tools to allow arrival-based selection, in which a user may request arrivals from arbitrary time intervals, stations, or phase names. Since we are also moving data collectio to the same management system used for data distribution, we plan for much of our recently collected data to available from our web site by late 2000. We have implemented an option to include focused links to other internet nodes and insert them in our on-line Bulletin. The objective is not to merely tell users of other data sources, but to link them directly to a moment tensor, waveform collection or velocity model needed for further analysis of the event they have found in the Bulletin. One user has written a Perl program to retrieve data from the ISC web site without using an interactive browser. We are soliciting Fortran and C functions for re-distribution to help other users to more easily access our data from within their own programs.