Changing Location Methods at the ISC

R D Adams, International Seismological Centre
P Bormann, GeoForschungsZentrum, Potsdam
R E Engdahl, Colorado University
J Havskov, University of Bergen
B L N Kennett, Australian National University
J Schweitzer, NORSAR
D A Storchak, International Seismological Centre

At its meeting in Hanoi, 2001 the IASPEI Commission on Seismological Observation and Interpretation decided to set up a Working Group on Standard Seismic Phase List. The final product of the WG is supposed to be recommended by IASPEI for use in data exchange among seismic observatories, local, regional, and international data centres.

The new list modifies and complements the phase nomenclature, published in the previous edition of the Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice (Willmore,1979) and the ISC bulletins. It is more in tune with the modern earth models and accounts for the significantly increased detection capabilities of modern (digital) seismic stations. The new phase list also uses the larger flexibility of the new data exchange format (ISF).

We have not tried to create a complete list of phases which are observable on seismograms. Neither have we tried to come up with a phase nomenclature for all special phase observations which may be used in research papers. We have tried to create a list which as far as possible would be logical, concise, consistent and self-explanatory.