Rebuilt ISC Bulletin is now available (1964-1979)

May 3, 2018

Dear Colleagues and Users of the ISC data

We have recently finished the rebuild of the ISC Bulletin for the period 1964-1979. This work has been explained in detail in our recent scientific paper in Geoscience Letters by Storchak et. al., 2017 which is freely available on-line thanks to the Australia and Oceania Geoscience Society (AOGS).

As a result, all standard ISC web-searches will now source the data from the rebuilt ISC Bulletin when it comes to the period 1964-1979. The original ISC Bulletin data are given for the period from 1980 onwards.

We shall be gradually rebuilding the ISC Bulletin for years 1980-2010 and making the results available to users step-by-step.

For those interested to compare the old and new data, we keep the original flat ISC Bulletin files on our ftp-site in both FFB and ISF formats. A new set of updated FFB and ISF formatted files will soon be available from the ftp-site.